Thermal Bead Screed

Thermal Bead Screed is a lightweight aggregate that provides an alternative to insulation boards

Thermal Bead Screed is a lightweight aggregate that provides an alternative to insulation boards. With the nature of how it’s installed, It’s a very quick and easy process allowing you cover large areas in within a day. As the aggregate is poured, it means there’s no cutting around pipes and there’s no waste.

As the screed sets in one solid mass with no movement of boards after settlement there is less risk of cracks like those that may be found with traditional thermal insulation methods.

Thermal Bead Screed is becoming more and more recognised as a superior product over conventional floor boards. The aggregate that we use allows the use of low cement content, resulting in industry leading U-Values as low as 0.18 and makes it incredibly easy to use with UFH Systems. 

As the floor is completely sealed, there is less risk of voids for air to pass through the floor. One of the many benefits of poured insulation.

About this Process

Check out the video to see how Thermal Bead Screed is poured and installed. The aggregate we use offers an efficient alternative to traditional insulation boards.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Can be walked on in 24 hrs
  • Less risk of cracking
  • Eco friendly, fully recyclable
  • Industry leading U Values
  • Works great with UFH system

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